Ephesus Terrace Houses

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Ages Price
0 - 6 Free
7 - Adult €5


  • No wheelchair access

Visit the Ephesus Terrace Houses, “ancient lifestyle of the rich and famous,” at the Ephesus Archeological Site. You will be amazed at the similarity of these two and three story condominiums built in 100 B.C. and how modern architects have duplicated the architectural designs in modern times. They will impress you when you realize the grandeur of family life in the Roman period. The oldest building was used from 100 BC up until 700 AD.

Keep your eyes open for the beautiful mosaics on the floors and creative art frescos on the walls which are all safely protected under the new $11,000,000 special roofing. These ancient houses had cold and hot water AND a heating system that came through clay pipes beneath the floors and behind the walls! They were 2 stories high with the bedrooms and guest rooms upstairs and the living and dining rooms opening into the hall downstairs. Sound familiar? Some things never change. Enjoy this wondrous well excavated museum.