Rhodes City Highlights

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On your private guided shore excursion by Archaeologous, you'll take a A/C comfortable drive around Rhodes island. Marvel in the  panoramic drive' over the Monte Smith Hill which offers a magnificent feel and view of the Aegean and Rhodes. 

The ancient splendid Rhodes Acropolis, which was dedicated to Zeus Polieus, Athena Polieus and Pythian Apollo has four columns still standing and reconstructed. It was an unfortified acropolis consisting of a monumental zone with large temples, sanctuaries, underground cult places and public buildings.

Apparently, according to historian from the 2nd century BC, the Acropolis of Rhodes was a perfect blend of natural beauty and graceful Hellenistic (3rd-2nd c BC) architecture. Continued excavations are continuing to uncover the splendor of the ancient city of Rhodes.  The drive will pass by the 'restored' 2nd century Ancient Sports Stadium and Theatre and the D'Amboise Gate of the Medieval City.