Village of Archangelos

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A quick stop on the Archaeoloogus private tour to the Village of Archangelos, Rhodes is in store for you on this guided tour. Learn and see how this village upholds it's renown traditional ways of pottery making using the very same techniques used since ancient times.  See authentic architecture, food, language, and customs.

Traditional pottery and carpet-making art is still actively practiced by some of the inhabitants of this picturesque village of Archangelos, as well as the making of leather boots that many locals still wear. 

FYI: Rhodes was famous. in the ancient world, for it's exquisite pottery, it's just natural that the craft would continue today.

The Church of the Archangel Michael dominates the town area.  It is accompanied by a 19th century campanile as well as the Church of Saint John which houses beautiful frescoes dating back to the 14th century. The village is quite pretty and picturesque due to its many traditional houses and standing on top of the village, a fifteen minute walk, is the castle of Saint John.