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Aegina is one of the 3 islands you'll visit on the 3 Island sail tour from Athens arranged by Archaeologous.  A favorite for returning tourists to Athens. Get out of the city, breathe fresh air and load up on ancient history on this Saronic island that was once the 'capital' of Greece. 

Upon arrival in Aegina, you can either join an excursion to the  massive Temple of Aphaia (cost not included) or take a walk around the main town.

Things to do: 1. Visit one of the best ruins, the Temple of Apollos, overlooking the bay. (only 5 minute walk. 2. Join a tour to the Temple of Aphaia which is a beautiful way to see the island and a monument temple. A guided tour on A/C bus will take you to the hilltop with it's grand panoramic view. Tickets are purchased on the 3 island boat. 

Details: Aegina is roughly triangular in shape, approximately 15 km from east to west and 10 km from north to south and 2/3s of Aegina is an extinct volcano. This lovely island is only 31 miles (50 kilometers) from Athens, and is a popular getaway for Athenians during the summer months. The northern and western sides consist of a stony but fertile area which is devoted to the crops of grain, cotton, grapes, almonds, olives, and figs but the most characteristic crop of Aegina today is the pistachio. (try the amazing pistachio ice cream). Economically, the sponge fisheries are of notable importance. The southern volcanic part of the island is rugged, mountainous, and largely barren.