Myndos Gate

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MYNDOS Gate—Next you’ll be visiting the massive remains of the Myndos gate, one of the two entrances into ancient Halicarnassus. This is the only surviving gate in what was originally a 7 km long protection wall built by King Mausolus in the 4th century BC.

 It got it name as it faces the ancient town of Myndos (now Gumusluk). At the site of this gate, was the historic battle with Alexander the Great in 333 BC. Where at first Alexander was defeated, but the next year he took Myndos. Look for the remains of a moat in front of the twin-towered gate where many of Alexander the Great's soldiers drowned in 334 BC.  There is an ongoing restoration of the town wall (4.5 km) by archeologists and, as all archaeologist in Turkey, they are always expecting to find more treasures underneath the rubble of 17 centuries.