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The Plaka, or as it has been called, “the neighborhood of the gods”, is the oldest section of Athens located below the Acropolis. This 2,500 year old “agora” (shopping/meeting area), is definitely a “must see". 

The district of Plaka is a gloriously exotic labyrinth of cobble stoned alleys, winding streets and stairs lined with 19th century neo-classical houses and mansions. Most of them are restored accommodating museums, restaurants or shops.  Cafes, shops, museums, street artists. It's a vibrant mixture of fun. 

Imagine a tiny dynamic bustling cobbblestoned village filled with cafes, shops, street artists, graffitti, museums right in the center of the large cosmopolitan city of Athens. All of this built 'on top' of past ancient cities.  Keep your eyes open, you'll see ancient ruins below the street in some areas and be in buildings that still have ancient 2500 year old columns.  

This is a 'live' village where everyday people (for generations) live, eat, drink, and work in the shops and restaurants. 

Bring a camera and some hunger as the whole area is a “Kodak moment” and the food is the best of the ‘Mediterranean diet’. 

FYI: The Plaka district is almost completely blocked off for pedestrians which enhances the entire experience. *On a night time tour you are driven around the 'city highlights' and then have a festive time in the Plaka at a Mediterranean restaurant complete with traditional Greek floor show.