Delphi-Arachova Village

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On your day trip to Delphi, you will be stopping at the quaint picturesque village of Arachova situated at an elevation of 3,000 feet. This small traditional village of 4,000 inhabitants is on the slopes of Parnassus Mt. and has been famous since the 1400's for it's carpets, olives, and vineyards. Maybe you've heard of their famed 'black wines'?

In the last decade it has been remade into somewhat of a ski resort town due to the best skiing in all of Greece being on the North side of Parnassus Mt. It's always been a stopping off point due to it's close proximity to the sacred Delphi.

Make sure to pick up some souvenirs of their great hand made marmalade, sweets, drinks, and carpets. Also ask around for their wonderful cheeses. In particular, Formaella, (which is sold only in Arachova). Plus, you can never go wrong with the local Tsipouro (a grappa like liquor).