Delphi-Levadia Village Tour

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The lovely town of Levadia is close to the sacred legendary Delphi. It's the main city of the 'Beotian county community' which is made up of many small villages and settlements.  The picturesque center of Levadia  is soothing with it's  beautiful trees and abundance of running water. There are even ancient wells at the river still in use by the city for their water supply.

It's quite a unique place and has much to entertain vacationers.  Close by are the ruins of the Oracle's Temple in Trofonio, a Byzantine castle that was built by the French, and a stone amphitheater.

Levadia is an old agricultural center in a prosperous area and produces cotton, wheat, livestock and tobacco. It also boasts of metal, building, and weaving material production.

It is considered the communication 'hub' and is the center post for the popular Mount Parnassus tourist villages of Delfi, Desfina, Osios Lucas, and Distomo.

If you are lucky enough to be vacationing in the spring time, put this on your list of things to do as Levadia is well-known for its traditional Greek Easter celebrations. Do not be surprised when 'you' as a visitor are invited to eat, drink and dance with the locals as they grill whole lambs and other traditional meat dishes in the town's centers.  Naturally traditional music is played and traditional dance groups perform.