Chora- Mykonos island

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0 - Adult €4


  • Groups of maximum 9 people

Bravo, you are going to visit the truly typical Cycladic whitewashed village of Chora Mykonos. Locals (and you) can just call it 'Chora' or the 'Town'

You will find many cafes, chic boutiques of the most famous  designers in the world, clubs, many souvenir shops, fine jewelry stores+++.  You get it, Mykonos has everything a shopper would find intriguing.

You'll be seeing the trademark of Mykonos which are the whitewashed Mykonos windmills up on the hill. Have your camera ready as this is where visitors take exquisite photos the city  and the panoramic view of Little Venice, which is a gorgeous small peninsula-like area in Chora.

While walking around look for the 'mascot' of Mykonos, Petros the Pelican, usually found in this Little Venice area. Hollywood would have a heyday with him as he' a charming ham that loves posing for photographs.

Also in the capital of Mykonos, Chora, your guide will suggest the Panagia Paraportiani, which is a beautiful Cycladic national cultural monument.

This little piece of land is the most photographed area other than the windmills. Here are two story Venetian houses lining the seafront and on days of dramatic big seas, the waves crash against the colorful porches and balconies making for excellent photo opportunities. There are sweet cafes giving one pause to take in this somewhat mystical atmosphere.

Archaeological Museum: 4 Euros per person

Maritime Museum: 4 Euros per person

Folkore Museum: No Charge