Istanbul Hamam-Sultan

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - 9 Entry not allowed
10 - Adult €85


  • Minimum age: 10

Let Archaeologous suggest a not-to-be-missed ancient traditional Hamam experience before you leave Istanbul. This 45 minute Full Cleanse will have you wanting more. 

The traditional Turkish bath package includes:
A gold-plated ottoman bath bowl, a traditional bath wrap (pestamal) and slippers for use in the hamam.

A toiletries set with comb, bath glove, olive oil soap, Judas tree essential oil shampoo, hair conditioner and body lotion.

Traditional body scrub to get your circulation going and rub off dead skin
Relaxing bubble wash massage.. You'll be in heaven.
Head and neck massage, a great relaxing finish. 

Then you'll sit with your tingling body, all bundled up, in a soft gorgeous Turkish towel sipping on a complimentary drink.