Izmir Kizlaragasi Han Bazaar

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If you are already going to the shopping "Mecca" of Izmir, the Kemeralti Market place, then you will also see the Kizlaragasi Han, which is a still standing impressive “caravanserai” (a Persian inspired roadside inn where travelers could rest as they traveled the silk and spice trade routes covering Asia, North Africa and South- Eastern Europe).

In the ancient days, this was the support network for communication, information and commerce while traveling the spice and silk routes. Today, it’s great for more Turkish shopping delights.

Of the hundred or so smaller ‘Hans” only a dozen remain today due in part to the destruction of the 1922 great fire of Smyrna (Izmir). So we are lucky to be able to enjoy this rare sample of Ottoman architecture with its typical bazaars and 4,000 meter courtyard and a roof completely covered with lead. You will be able to purchase for yourself, friends and family members back home amazing items such as: Carved camel bone articles, a wide range of jewelry, water pipes, scarves, ceramics etc.