Istanbul Grand Bazaar

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The best Istanbul adventure is experiencing the Istanbul Grand Bazaar on your private guided tour by Archaeologous. It’s a “shopathon” in the 4,000 shops of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar thanks to The Sultan Mehment II, the Conqueror, who had both the Bazaar built as well as his Topkapi Palace. 

While on your day tour with Archaeologous, we’ll show you this favorite shoppers dream! You will feel like you’ve just stepped back into the tale of Aladdin’s lamp. your guide can give you tips of how to get the best deals. Here is the place to free up your imagination and sense the centuries of merchant trading exchanging their enticing and colorful goods and wares from ancient trade routes under the huge domed ceiling.

There is something for everyone in this cornucopia of shops with items from inexpensive trinkets to exquisite jewelry and silver work, fantastic leather jackets, poofs (foot stools made out of leather), Turkish delight candy, glass lamps, old engravings, antiques, scarves, water pipes, relics, and of course, there is everything you can imagine made from copper and ceramic.

So keep an eye on each other and your guide as it’s amazing how many husbands lose their wives in a blink of an eye, due to them being in shopping heaven! The Turkish people are known for their politeness and their good business sense and you certainly will experience both at the Bazaar.

Bargaining/haggling/sweetly suggesting you need to take 'this' home. 'This' is the game and they’ve played it for centuries, so don’t be surprised if you leave having bought something you didn’t go into the booth to purchase, but with a new friendship and a cup of tea in your tummy.

Come with a sense of adventure and wonderment, ready to make a deal and go home with a real Turkish treasure…. Heard many times after the day tour is, “I am so upset I didn’t buy more”.