Sirince - local wine tasting and craft shopping

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Sirince, the adorable little Greek village, is found by driving a wonderfully scenic winding hillside road 20 minutes up from the famed Ephesus Archaeological Site. A perfect compliment, on your day tour, after the heat of walking and enjoying historic Ephesus.

“Traditional” living at it’s best. Like many gorgeous places in the world, the inhabitants didn't want it to be “found” and exploited, so for a long time it was called Cirkince (ugly).  This was to keep the foreigners away so they would not have to share the beauty of their village.

Sirince, or “pretty” as it is now known, is famous for it’s wine tasting and hand made crafts, which tourists from far and wide come to partake. The actual wine is a bit sweet for the normal palate, as it’s made with different fruits like plums, figs, strawberries and other fruits. There are many individualistic restaurant/pubs in which you can taste to your heart's content.

It's truly a photographer's dream. This picturesque town is crammed with cobble stoned alleyways of picturesque windows, decorative doors, local children, fruit stalls and spice shops manned by the friendly villagers, (that will be happy to sell you their local wines, handicrafts and herbs). Just a few things to get your camera ready for are the figs lying out on blankets, (to be used in the winter months as a “health candy”), red peppers drying in every window, colorful handicrafts, the craftsmen making bread, carpets, spoons, And don't forget the roaming goats and horses.