Old Parliament House

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As one of the highlights of your private guided Athens tour by Archaeologous, you'll visit the Old Parliament House.

The popular “Changing of the Guard” is a photo opportunity of serious pageantry worth watching. It is performed on the hour, every hour, in the front of the Parliament Building. Also, at 11am each morning, there is a more involved ceremony and the really big show is on Sundays at 11, when more guards participate and the ceremony is quite complex.

The Parliament of Greece is building located in the Parliament House (Old Royal Palace), overlooking Constitution Square in Athens. it was completed in 1843 and originally served as a palace for the Greek monarch until 1924. The building has been used as a hospital and museum and in 1929 the government decreed that the building would instead house the Parliament.

The Old Parliament building now houses the country's National Historical Museum.