Izmir Ataturk Monument and Museum in Ataturk's House

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On your Archaeologous private shore exursion you'll be taken to home, now a museum of the national hero, the beloved Ataturk. He isgiven the credit for bringing Turkey into the modern present. In the center of Republic Square stands the Ataturk Monument, a tribute to this distinguished man. The monument was erected in l933 and commemorates the liberation of the city by Turkish Forces.


The Ataturk Museum actually was built as a residence starting 1875 approx. When the owner died in 1922, the Turkish Army then used the building as its headquarters. Ataturk carried out his private studies in this building. After being used as a hotel, in 1926 the Izmir Municipality purchased the building, and after refurbishing it, presented it to Ataturk as a gift.

During his many visit between l930 and 1934, Ataturk always stayed in this residence. After his death in 1938, the building was expropriated and converted into a museum in honor of Ataturk. You will be able to see exhibits of photographs of the leader and many of his personal effects including the dining chairs with porcelain plates on the chair backs depicting scenes from Shakespearean plays.