Top 10 Bodrum favorite things to do by Archaeologous

Bodrum is an exciting vacation get-a-way. Located in the Southwest coast of Turkey and known for it's magnificent waters and weather you'll find plenty to do on your one day or multi-day vacation. This blog will share with you some of Archaeologous Top 10 favorite sightseeing locations in and around Bodrum. Whether it's history, a Hamam, snorkeling or diving, clubs, wooden gulet cruises, or relaxing on a beach or a traditional fish restaurant watching the sunset. It's all here in Bodrum. Not to be missed are:

St Peter Castle: which is Bodrum's most famous site.  The Knights of St Peter, (Knights Hospitaller) based in Rhodes, built the castle at the site of ancient Halicarnassus, using the stones and marble from the famed Halicarnassus Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology: It is arguably the most important museum of its type in the world, a veritable lesson in how to bring ancient exhibits to life.  Items are creatively displayed and well lit. It has information panels, reconstructions and multimedia displays to complement the antiquities, maps, models, drawings, murals, and videos.

Aqua Park: If it's cooling off and playing all day then choose this great place for the whole family. Thrilling rides such as the Kamikaze and Black Hole are waiting if you are adventurous, while the wave pool, massive Jacuzzi and lazy river are more for those wanting to tan and relax.

The Bodrum Peninsula is beautiful and filled with hidden surprises of bays, caves, and traditional villages.  Here you will find small fishing villages like Gumusluk on the peninsula's western tip, which is well known for their calm and peaceful settings, traditional fish restaurants and the glorious sunset sea views.

A private gulet wooden boat cruise: Turkey is a #1 tourist destination due to it's perfect waters and weather. The SW coastline near and around Bodrum is now a favorite of families around the world. Probably the top relaxation blissful activity is when you are on a gulet, the traditional boat conceived in Bodrum for these waters. Experience the early morning flat calm of the sea and go bay-hopping in search of a little empty cove where nothing has changed in thousands of years.

Halikarnas Night Club: If you're young and love clubbing, then get yourself to this open air club designed to look like a Roman Temple with towers of video screens and a laser show that beams out across the bay and bounces back off mirrors on the Bodrum Castle. A bit pricy at 40 Pounds for the VIP ticket, but the 5,000 capacity never seems to mind. Billed as the "Best Night in the World". Open til dawn, when tables are put out for breakfast. 

Soup Kitchen #06 Lokantas: Tell your guide to take you here or come by yourself to this totally local place near the harbor and frequented by the taxi drivers, bar staff and shopkeepers of the area. Traditional Turkish food is displayed in a dustbin type of apparatus, you scoop out what you'd like and go sit outside on the benches, truly experiencing Turkey.

Camel Ride: Don't say we didn't tell you. The ole man and his camel are there to give you a ride and take your photo with the castle behind you. Not sure what significance a camel is in Turkey..... but it would make an interesting photo.

Turkish Delight: yes, your whole vacation in Bodrum could be called that, but we're talking about the Turkish candy made with pistachios called Turkish Delight.  Apparently, you can shop for over 60 different flavours. Most of the shopkeepers will be happy to let you try the delicacies. Try them with a nice cup of Turkish coffee and a glass of cold water.

Turkish Hamam (massage) experience: Nothing like it in the whole world. A total renewal for body and soul is how it is advertised. After you've had a steam,  the exfoliation/scrub of your skin, then a bubble bath soothing massage, you'll be ready for a nap and then refreshed for the rest of your vacation.

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 Going for a few days, get some ideas here:

Gulet cruise off Bodrum coast in SW Turkey
Famed St Peter Castle built with marble and stones from Halicarnassus Mausoleum-one of Weven Wonders of the World