Santorini Top 10 Things to do by Archaeologous

If you are planning a vacation to the Greek island of Santorini, then these tips and things to do will most likely help you.        

 **Be prepared If you are on one of the 3-6 cruise ships arriving at the Santorini Port in the summer months. Be aware that you might have a pretty significant wait  to get to the hill top village of Fira via the Gondola. By foot is a little faster however, hotter. And the donkey ride is fun but again, you will have to wait. (However, it's all part of your vacation so its all better than a work day). 

**Reserve an accommodation with a great view if you are staying for a while on the island.  The vistas from almost everywhere are fantastic but some of the greatest views are from the villages of Fira, Firostephani, or Imerovigli 

**Rent a car and drive around the island.  There are many villages of great diversity and interest, including Pyrgos with its winding streets, charming cycladic white washed homes and super views. Messaria  is another little neighborhood with traditional Cycladic architecture, and lastly, Vothonos, a network of excavations combined with unusual architectural designs. Homes are built inside mountain sides and caves. 

**Visit Oia for a sunset if at all possible.  It has to be among the most beautiful skies one will ever see. As Santorini is the  #1ocation for honeymooners, just know you will see many brides in full gown.  

**Make a visit to one of the myriad wineries found on Santorini.  The award winning wines are unique and superb plus the wineries will ship to you out of the country. I'd suggest going to the Wine Museum, only one of it's kind, and extremely interesting for the whole family. 

**Try a crepe or two in Fira to start or end your vacation day. 

**Understand what you are observing and learn the history of the magnificent legendary island by considering a private tour.  

**Experienceblack or red sand beach if you've never been on one before. This is your chance while visiting Santorini. Most organized tours will take you on a custom or preset tour that features one or both of these amazing natural wonders. Also, there are great little beachside cafes for a Mediterranean lunch. 

**Relax and pamper yourself with a beautiful 'spa' afternoon if you have the time and desire. There are many hotel in village of Imerovigli  that cater with massages, manicures, pedicures etc. in beautiful surroundings overlooking the caldera and the sunsets. 

**Explore the legendary history of Santorini by visiting the Akrotiri Archaeological Site and at least one of the museums, preferably the Ancient Thera museum. You'll walk away having seen life as it was 3,500 years ago when the volcanic destruction of Santorini took place.

More helpful info: Have confidence with your tour company

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Breathtaking Santorini caldera views from many vantage points on Santorini
Cycladic architecture of Santorini seen on private Archaeologous day tour