Private Walking Tours-Athens & Istanbul by Archaeologous

We here at specialty company for tours in Greece and Turkey, Archaeologous, are constantly growing, changing and adding to our menu of tours and shore excursions for our clients. We just added private walking tours in Athens and Istanbul for those discerning vacationers, perhaps like yourselves, who want to just soak up the neighborhoods and historic culture,  at a gentle pace with just 'your' private group. The only constant in the world is....change. And that is what we here at Archaeologous are involved in constantly.

Of course, we work with you to 'tailor make' your custom day. So, let us know what you've dreamed of seeing and we'll be more than happy to assist. And remember to pack comfortable walking shoes.

More helpful info:  Walking near the Acropolis, 

Views of the Parthenon from the Plaka and Monasteraki on a private guided walking tour with Archaeologous
The whole family learns with a private walking tour by Archaeologous
A map showing some of the Athens Highlights on your private walking tour.