Top 10 Tips and Things to do in Kusadasi by Archaeologous

Kusadasi (Ku-SHAD-a-see) is a sweet convenient port town and is a favorite of cruise ship vacationers and familys on an extended vacations. It's difficult to pick just 10 top 10 things to do in Kusadasi when there are so many more. However, these will get you started.

1. Take a 20 minute car ride back in history to the famed Ephesus archaeological site.

2. Delight in a unforgettable Hamam experience of the traditional steam/scrub/foam massage for your body and soul.

3.Walk in the footsteps of St. John, Mother Mary, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Marc Anthony and more on a private tour with Archaeologous.

4. Shop for fantastic leather jackets, silver tea sets, silk, double knotted Turkish carpets.

5. Thrill to a 4 wheeler ride through the hills, jungle and streams of Kusadasi.

6. Meditate in the calm serenity of the House of Mother Mary retreat.

7. Gallop beach side on your horseback ride.

9. Dine on great Turkish fresh food at a myriad of adorable cafes or Hali Village and get a great demo on the world famous Turkish carpet art.

10.Shrivel your fingers at the ADALAND water parks with tubes, waves, kayaks, shark feeding, dolphin shows and more....

All day fun at Adaland, short drive from Kusadasi, Let archaeologous arrange your vacation.
The amazing 25,000 occupancy theatre at Ephesus