What Top 10 Greek souvenirs to buy by Archaeologous

So you are vacationing in Greece. You've perhaps taken a day tour or done a walking tour and seen the Parthenon, oohed and aaahed at the National Archeological Museum, eaten the 'authentic' Mediterranean diet, walked in the footsteps of St Paul, and maybe even sat in the same place as Socrates in the Ancient Agora..... but now what to take back home as a souvenir or a Greek treasure for yourself?  Here is a top 10 list from Archaeologous of favorite Greek souvenirs to help you out.

1. The replicas of the many classic museum sculptures and bronze art are great as a remembrance of your Greece vacation

2. "The Poet Sandal-maker of Athens". This shop is famous for it's custom sandals and the poetry of the owner.  He has served an A list of celebrities as well as anyone wanting great sandals. So have what Jackie Onassis, the Beatles, and Sophia Loren had. Now in a new location at: 2. Aghias Theklas St, Monastiraki - Psirri

3. Buy some Greek honey as Greece is reportedly to have the best honey in Europe. If you run out you can order more at  

4. How about the copper wine container that you were probably served your wine in at many of the restaurants? A great way to take home a little Greece with you.

5. Absolutely, get your self some worry beads and evil eye trinkets for everyone you know. You will see many shop owners standing with their worry beads flipping back and forth. Great gift and inexpensive!

6. Hand painted silk pillow covers. It will bring back all your memories when you look at it on your bed or couch back home.

7. Have some Greek olive oil shipped back home, if that is to much to think about, get some bars of olive oil soap... It's great for your skin and long lasting.

8. The jewelry in Greece is extra special and beautiful with  Greek patterns and designs from the ancient days. 

9.There are lots of linen shops with olive branch designs on tablecloths and napkins. Will last a long time and will be a great conversation piece.

10. We're sure you have had a Greek coffee. Well, continue the tradition at home. Buy one of those easy to pack copper coffee pots... They have them in varying sizes for 1-4 people.

Get your 'Evil Eye' jewelry and ward off bad spirits. Great easy to pack souvenir
Shop til you drop in the Plaka on day tour with Archaeologous
Fantastic souvenir. All your friends will love olive oil soap.
A great authentic Greek souvenir