Top 10 Things to do in Izmir by Archaeologous

Use these Top 10 Things-to-do- in Izmir as your starting out guide offered by Archaeologous, specialist in day tours and shore excursions in Greece and Turkey.   Beautiful Izmir as it is called, is a 5,000 year old mixture of modern bay side cafes, old Turkish caravan houses, bazaars, the 'velvet' castle, the epic ancient city of Pergamon and museums.

1. Take in a museum that is small but world class having archaeological treasures from the most rich and powerful ancient cities of  Sardis,, Ephesus, Pergamon, Didyma and more.

2. Hire a guide for your private group and go see Pergamon, the glorious mega historical ancient city that  Alexander the Great named 'Eagle's Nest' due to the panoramic view.

3. Relax spending the afternoon in the age old bazaar. Bring your camera. It's special.

4.Go off beaten path to Sirince, which is a sweet little village 30 minutes from Ephesus up in the hills smothered in olive groves and vineyards. You can stay in a boutique hotel created in an 1800's period house and spend your time wine tasting and observing the wonderful craftsmen in their shops.

5. Zip up:  in the antique, recently renovated FREE elevator, (enclosed in a brick tower) that will zing you, and the locals up from the sea level street to the clifftop neighborhoods. Note: Once upstairs, have a coffee at one of the terrace cafes for a great view over central Izmir and the sea.

6. Observe:  the Roman and Greek colonnades and remains of the Ancient Agora. Alexander the Great started building this as part of the city and the Romans finished the job. Note: Go early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat. 

7.Take time:  to visit the spacious Konak square, the "spiritual heart of the city and of modern Turkey." It's centrally located and the clock tower has been displayed here since 1901.

8.Visit the epic Ephesus Archaeological Site; Turkey's most famous and well preserved archaeological site. Archaeologists believe that there is 80% still to be discovered. 

9. Combine the Kemeralti Bazaar and Kadifekale Castle with its five towers and walls. The 'velvet castle' said to have been home to Alexander the Great and shopping in the ancient bazaar with its cornucopia of souvenirs and Turkish treasures is a must do. 

10. Promenade along the waterfront in the sunset/evening time  for barbecued fish prepared and served up by many of the fishermen at their boats. Served between great hunks of fresh bread, it's perfect.

The clock tower in Izmir Turkey. You can spend a great vacation day sightseeing with Archaeologous to assist.
Beautiful Izmir as it is called, is close to Pergamon, bazaars, the Ancient Agora, and cafe dining+++. Archaeologous can arrange a 'custom' day tour.
Map of area surrounding Izmir Turkey. Mega archaeological area. Check with for vacation planning assistance in Turkey and Greece.