Greek Cuisine and Top 10 Things to order-by Archaeologous

Here is a list of the Top 10 most delicious and famous authentic Greek dishes, as a gift from Archaeologous. Be prepared before you come and act like a local when ordering.

Every day, our professional guides here at Archaeologous share our beautiful Greek culture and cuisine with visiting vacationers. Perhaps, however, if you have never been to the Mediterranean you might have concerns or be just plain curious about a few things. Here is a little cheat sheet of the Top 10 things to eat while in Greece.

Note: First of all, know that the Greeks wrote the first cook book and believe  that besides the fresh herbs, olive oil, and a 'no rush' pace, that the company you eat with is very important.

The Greeks love their wine (with wines on most of the islands being home made). So, when out in the cafes you will order a kilo or half kilo of (1.) 'krasi' (wine) aspro (white) or 'kokino' (red). If you only want maybe two glasses order a 'tetarto' (quarter kilo). With this you might order the (2.3.4.) appetizer dips in the form of dips. There are many such as: 'skordalia' (garlic puree) and  'tarama salata' (a dip made out of a blend of fish roe and bread), 'zadziki' (blend of yogurt-olive oil-garlic-cucumber). (5.) A 'horiatiki salata' (local Greek salad of olives, tomatoes, feta, and onions), (6.) a 'brizola' (porkchop), (7.) 'katopala' (chicken) (8.) 'rizzi' (rice), (9.) 'kolakithiakeftedes' (zuccini patties) and (10.)  'bakalava' (honey, filo,walnuts)for dessert. And there you have it. You can comfortably enjoy your "Mediterranean" lunch.

Horiatiki salata (village salad) suggested by Archaeologous
Brizolas (porkchops), Typical Greek Mediterranean dishes suggested by