Private day tour in Athens-New Acropolis Museum

We, Archaeologous, took a 'reunion' group around Athens the other day. Here we are at the NEW Acropolis Museum. We started here so that it will give our clients an overview of the history of the Parthenon. All the remaining artifacts taken from the excavation around the (Acropolis) Parthenon, Temple of Athena, Temple of Nike etc are presented. As you walk into the museum you cross over 'see through floors' to be able to see the more ancient city below the more modern city of today's Athens. NOTE: Inside the museum you are not allowed to take photos until you reach the Caratids. Our groups are always fascinated when we show them how brilliant bright dominant colors were used on the statues, friezes, and columns of the ancient buildings. The finale before leaving is watching the excellent video cinema (12 minutes) that shows the entire history of the building, the glory and the destruction of the legendary Parthenon.

Private groups are our, Archaeologous', specialty. Fun showing families and big reunion groups around Athens.
NEW Acropolis Museum, great to visit before the Acropolis.
Great video at the NEW Acropolis Museum shows the history of the Parthenon seen on Archaeologous tour