Book ahead of the increased arrivals to Greece

Figures from the main airports for the 2013 year are in and we here at Archaeologous would like to let you know that this is a great year to come and vacation in Greece. Whether you arrive by air, ferry, cruise ship, or chartered yacht, Greece is waiting. Tourism in Greece is bouncing back and if you don't want to fight the crowds 'this' is the time. Compared with last year there is a double digit increase of 11% (which is approx.12.64 million  arriving international tourists). 

Suggestion: Book your private tours with licensed guides ahead of time. Just go to the port city or island of your choice at

****Tourist arrivals up in Athens according to Assoc. of Greek Tourism Enterprises****

  Just in Dec 2013 alone, arrivals were up by 14.36% compared to one year before! Which destination has grown the fastest? Crete, the busiest Greek destination with 3.33 million tourists arriving to it's historic shores. the popular Mykonos and Santorini are also experiencing a large increase of 26% and 22% arrivals respectively.

Note:  Some people are flying into the Kalamata Airport instead of  the Athens Airport. If you are one of those, then you'd be part of the highest growth increase of tourist arrivals at 61.25%.

So, if you're planning on a vacation in some of the other Greek islands, know that it looks like things are on an upswing in Rhodes at 10.92 % (which is a favorite of the Northern Europeans) Kefalonia at 17.53%, Kos at 15.37 %, Zakynthos at 15.22 %.

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However you come to Greece, you'll have a great time.
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