Greek island by Ferries and Sea Planes

Many readers know about the  Olympic-Aegean Airlines merger. This allows the continuation of flights to the more remote Greek islands. Presently the news flash is: the approval for six seaplane hubs has been given the thumbs up. The fares will be averaging 75 euros. Stay tune for more updates.

Probably if you've vacationed in Greece or taken a Greek island holiday, you've had the distinct pleasure of  'the ferry' experience. The ferrys are great but the last minute scheduling has been a 'crazy maker' for some time. So the good news for travelers is that, for the first time ever "all" ferry boat operators have agreed to providing an advance 12 month timetable. This is the best news ever! (only people who have experience trying to match up flights with ferries from Greek islands without knowing the schedule until perhaps one month before will understand what this means).

 Beautiful Greece is waiting for you. Our distinct pleasure here at is to be as instrumental as possible in assisting you with the your vacation of a lifetime.

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Catch a ferry to many of the Greek islands from Piraeus Port
Comfortable, TV's shops, food, deck chairs on the ferries to the Greek islands
Six new hubs will be opening for Greek island travel in 2014-15