According to AP reporters onsite, Syrians are fleeing Syria by any means: motor bikes, on foot, and  pickup trucks. At this time along the 850 kilometer border shared by Turkey and Syria the
re was approximately 1,000 Syrians fled the violence and crossed into Turkey overnight. Sixteen hundred (1600) is the number that now stands and they will be taken to the refugee camp at Yayladagi built to accomodate 5,000 people.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged Syria's government to adopt reforms targeted at ending the unrest and disruption.  He said his country will continue to accept all Syrians who flee..

 Turkey goes HOLLYWOOD….. a world renowned Turkish visual designer who works in Hollywood, California, has won the honour of creating an advertising  campaign launched by the Culture Ministry for the promotion of Turkey to the world. His new ad campaign consisting of Hollywood film posters and have led to an increase by 30% of US tourists visiting Turkey. His aim is to share the greatness of Turkey with the world.

A fact is that the majority of the people they interviewed and were vacationing in Turkey had been before for a one day visit usually on a Mediterranean cruise.The campaign will target retirees over 50, honeymooners, and gay and faith travelers.

Turkey's influence increasing in Middle East, LSE (London School of Economics) report says

LONDON - Anatolia News Agency

According to a study from the London School of Economics, Turkey has a growing influence and will likely play an increasing role in Middle East affairs during the Arab Spring. The study concludes that Turkey has become more assertive and influential in the region over the past decade as its political, cultural and economic, power have all grown. The study includes articles from eight experts in the field of international affairs, diplomacy and strategy.

"Al-Assad need the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan far more than Erdogan needs Al-Assad. ", writes Phillips, PHD student in the LSE In't relations department. "Close ties with neighboring Syria have given Turkey a gateway into the Arab world.” 

While Syria relies on Turkey economically and diplomatically, Turkey's use for Syria has diminished,” writes Phillip.

He goes on to say that, "Turkey's booming economy has seen it invest heavily in infrastructure in Syria. While Syrian exports to Turkey are worth more than $660 million, the reality is that a regime change in Damascus may suit the current government in Ankara".

 “Turkey’s influence and reach are certain to be central to the future of the economic and political development of the region",  writes Nicholas Kitchen of the LSE IDEAS.

Also reported was that Turkey has new-found confidence to act in the region, particularly in its relations with Iran, Greece and Iraq  plus its strategic approach to the Caucasus and relations with the United States.