10 Tips for stressfree calm before and during vacation by Archaeologous

In the stressful times of life it is good to have a 'road map' for calm. Try these easy-to-do common sense ideas for a more 'in the moment' positive life. These are invaluable during the planning, packing and being on vacation.

More and more articles and books are being written about the great power of our thoughts. Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton, which says after 20 years of research, "it's the single cell's awareness of the environment, not its genes that sets into motion of life". Thus, the response to the environment propels  the life of our 50 trillion cells we call 'us'. not our genes.   So changing ones thoughts, beliefs and awareness can take a perennial 'victim' to a new title of 'co-creator' of your destiny. 

Here are the 10 Tips for calm, new thoughts and health

1. Sit down, breathe in to a count of 4, hold the breath for count of 4 as you think how the air is oxygenating your whole blood stream, then breath out for a count of 4.

2. Say 'thank you for sharing' and then think of one good thought like laughing with a friend, or getting a sloppy kiss from your dog, when feeling stressed and you can't stop thinking on one negative subject.

3. Have a moment or two or three or four during the day when you say to yourself, " I am a good and powerful person and the co-creator of my life". 

4. Put a smile on your face, no matter what the negative stressful mood is and notice the difference. It is impossible to remain in a bad mood when there is a smile on your face.

5. Do slow stretching. It doesn't matter if you know Yoga or Qi Gong positions, just stretch like a cat and  watch the results.

Sit down and fully thank your body for getting you around in life. I mean literally fro your toes to the top of your head. Thank as many parts as you would like. You know how good praise feels and how bad criticism feels right? So when is the last time you thanked your liver for cleaning out all those toxins?

7. Focus on your hands one time of the day. Watch in amazement at all they do for you. Thank them.

8. Think of your feet, knees and legs another time of the day. Isn't it wonderful how they propel us.

9. Picture your negative stressful thought being put into a balloon and then you release the balloon and it drifts away until you can't see it anymore.

10. Realize how 'all' of you from the inner child, to the hurt person, to the responsible adult, to the incredible spirit you are is great and lucky to be on the planet and able to travel, learn and share.

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