Health spa vacations in Greece by Archaeologous

Since ancient times the health of the mind and body has been paramount to Greeks.

The God of medicine, Asclepius, had a daughter Hygeia (eGia) and she was the goddess of health. Even today, of course, words in modern medicine derive from ancient Greece. Think 'hygiene; for instance. 

Many of the Greek mega legendary cities built in what now is Turkey were known as the greatest health spa treatment centers in the world. Take Pergamon, there was an upper  and lower Pergamon. The upper was the Acropolis area and the lower was the Asklepieion therapy center. This was the home and birthplace of Galen, who was 2nd only to Hippocrates for his medical findings (still used today). Here, performed on visitors from across the world, were dream, honey, water, and entertainment therapies that were used with great success. 

If you want a relaxing therapeutic massage while in Athens, Santorini, Turkey with it's Hamams to purify body and spirit, just let us know and we can arrange it all.

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God of Medicine, Asklepius-Greece
the ancient health spa in Pergamon, Askslepieion
Asklepieion in Lower Pergamon-ancient health spa seen on Archaeologous private tour