The Parthenon- Athen's crown by Archaeologous

When one thinks of Athens usually the first impression that pops in mind is the glorious Parthenon. Other than the Pyramids in Egypt, the perfectly engineered Parthenon receives/d more attention from everyone including archaeologists and historians to painters and poets.

It's a perfect favorite highlight of any Athens tour so make sure you get to see it.

The name itself refers to the worship of the Goddess Athena Parthenos, the Virgin Athena. She represents the gifts of wisdom, intellect and the highest order of spiritual development both pure in body in body and mind. You can today buy souvenir rings for about 10€ of owls, which represent this wisdom of Athena.

When walking up the 250 ' incline to the Acropolis have your guide explain the marvels of engineering, the precise topographical location, and astronomical orientation of her shrine. Plus, the sacred geometry that infused the entire temple. (It's an optical illusion)

In it's heyday approx 450 BC., the Parthenon, in it's glorious colors of red, blues, and gold surrounded the 40' high statue of Athena of gold, ivory and wood that could be seen from miles away.  Imagine a building 101' wide by 228 ' long of brilliant white marble with 46 great columns. Today there is ongoing work to preserve this masterpiece that has survived the history of ravages upon it.

FYI: You'll be charged 12€ for admission. Hold onto your tickets as they are good for free admission into the Ancient Agora and the temple of Olympian Zeus. Advised to have comfortable walking shoes and umbrella or hat plus sunscreen for greatest enjoyment.

Parthenon in it's heyday approx. 2600 yrs ago
The Parthenon was built to house the statue of the Goddess Athena 40' high
Today's illustrious Parthenon