August is Busiest for Greece by Archaeolgoous

You might have heard that August is when most Greeks take their vacation and it's true. A mass exodus happens from the major cities and the Greek islands start filling up.  Just know that there are increased number of ferry routes to accommodate everyone trying to vacation in one of the world's finest vacation locations.I hoped you read an earlier helpful blog and have made your hotel and car rental reservations as you don't want to end up camping -if that's not your style.

August 15th is the second biggest holiday of the year for the Greeks (1st being Easter) so it's great news if you are going to Athens, as the traffic situation is the best of the whole year. However, if you are heading out to a Greek island, just know it will be crowded with every one having the same thing on their minds---enjoying the amazing azure waters of Greece.

So if you are one of the expected 90,000 people that are expected to travel to the Cyclades, Crete, Dodecanese and East Aegean islands or one of the 25,000 to the Argosaronic islands in middle August know that the ferry routes for island destinations have increased for the mid month.