Why Turkey for a Vacation? by Archaeologous

Turkey seems to have it all, the weather, the gracious people, the historic archaeological sites, the modern youthful vibrance, the amazing shopping for true Turkish Delights.

Turkey is located where the three continents (making up the old world) are closest to each and actually straddles the point where Asia and Europe meet. 

Due to this convenient and centrally placed geography, Turkey, which has a 10,000 year old heritage, has been at the center of migrations of 20 different fascinating diverse cultures of which shaped the course of history. The divine Turkish cuisine is a mixture and culmination of this history.

Turkey is surrounded by 'four' different seas with 8,000 km of sunny strips of beach. There are endless possibilities all year round whether you are a nature lover, diver, sailor, shopper, history buff or architectural or religious student. We hope to be of assistance with any of your vacation plans in the future.

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