The Geography of Turkey

Here are some thoughts to get ready for your Turkish vacation or in general, learn about an amazing country. Turkey is a massive land mass that borders the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Four seas surround Turkey as well. These are the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black, and Marmara seas.

 Turkey grows virtually all of its own consumed food and when one adds onto this the rich and abundant sea life that exists in the three surrounding bodies of water, it becomes clear, with its strategic position connecting east and west, the historical importance it has played over thousands of years, and its self-reliant abilities, the large and diverse country of Turkey will always play an important role in the world geopolitical arena.

The land is quite mountainous with over two thirds of the country being above 880 meters. These mountains generally run east/west and all but two of the numerous rivers in Turkey have their sources within the country’s borders.They drain into the sea, neighboring countries, or into interior basins.

Due to the extensive mountain ranges and the accompanying valleys, the country has extremely diverse topography.In fact, during the springtime, differences in temperature of 20 degrees centigrade are common between the warmer Mediterranean coastline and the Black Sea region which could have up to two meters of rain.Add on to this the Anatolian interior which could be still dry and quite cool and one can begin to understand the vast differences that exist in this country.

Desirable geopolitical location of Turkey