Turkey has 'first rate' Jazz concerts by Archaeologous

Bravo if Turkey is on your radar for vacationing. If not, you should probably start thinking about it. It has it all! This fall there is a major line up of brilliant musicians. Take for instance, you could hear the Grammy nominee pianist, Kenny Barron, discovered by Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis and/or the Grammy award winner Christian McBride and the McBride Trio.

 How about the hit among critics, Mario Biondi whose album, Handful of Soul', won four platinum music awards. 

Could it be the energetic performance of the Grammy and 2 Golden Globes Award winning Jamie Cullum  Maybe this is your cup of tea....the Australian composer and singer, considered one of the most authentic electronic music artists of our day and elected as "Best Independent Artist" by Rolling Stone magazine in 2013. 
Let Archaeologous help when you wish to come to Turkey.

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