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The ancient city of Aphrodisias named after the Goddess Aphrodite was only recently discovered and excavations started in 1961 by a 30 year old researcher, Prof. Erim. You can feel the energy of this sacred place as you walk amongst the Agora, the Theatre, the Hall of Emperors, and the famed Aphrodisias Sculpture Academy. This amazing ancient city excavations are greatly preserved as it was covered by mounds/hills of dirt and another village was built on top of it. Here you will find a theatre dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite, to Rome and to the City..(in that order). Also, statues of Aphrodite, the protector of the city and remnants of the brilliance that was Aphrodisias.  

After the Assyrian capital in Mesopotamia was destroyed  in the 7th century BCE, the Assyrians founded a small village where Aphrodisias now stands. Here they built a wooden temple to Ishtar, which was the 'Mesopotamian" goddess of love and beauty. So very appropriately the Temple of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and Protection, was built near the site.  

Over 2,000 statues were created at the Aphrodisias Sculpture Academy, which to this day are thought of as the most beautiful of ancient times. The Aphrodisias Museum is a rare treasure chest of these works. 

Its great to be able to see living' history as an example, your guide reading the inscription on the Archive wall of the theater. "This one city I have taken for my own out of all Asia, I wish these people to be protected as my own townsmen." by Octavianus (later known as Emperor Augustus)

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Entrance to ancient Aphrodisias, sacred private tour by Archaeologous in Turkey
The gigantic Temple of Aphrodite at Aphrodisias, Turkey on private guided Archaeologous tour.