Athens Restaurants going California & NY by Archaeologous:

The old saying 'impersonation is the sincerest form of flattering" holds true even in restaurants and foods apparently. Take Athens and the fantastic creative restaurants and dishes that are popping up every place. Don't know about you, but I thought California and NY should be flattered. 

Maybe it's the name San Francisco on Kerameikou Street, but when I read the menu of turkey, avocado, paprika and a honey-mustard sauce I'm California.  Think bagels and one thinks of NY... right? The New York Sandwiches cafe on Sinopis Street is becoming very popular for their bagels. How about Pie Works on Amerikis Street?  Freshly baked pites with creative fillings such as beef bourguignon. Now 'that' sounds enticing.

 Places are raising the bar it seems. How about the Guarantee on Veikou Street? Here you can choose from fillings like caramelised onions, roast beef, poached eggs. There's the Burger Joint,  on Foivis Street, for vacationers missing an American hamburger, Also, try out the new trending rage, dessert and a cocktail. So if that hit a button, check out the Melouk on Kolokotroni Street. It's not Greece any more Toto.

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Archaeologous (Tour specialist says, "Looks like a huge California burger. Now found in Athens", says Archaeologous Tour Specialist