TripAdvisor Says Istanbul is #1 choice over Rome and London as #1 Destination - by Archaeologous

Istanbul is both, at once, a location immersed in history and yet at the same time vigorously pushing modern innovation. Maybe that's why the top spot-winner of the 2014 'Best Destination' voted by the TripAdvisor million + users, was Istanbul. This means Istanbul has surpassed perennial favorites like London and Rome!  Take Cihangir area. Here you can find a mixture of expats, actors, artists, designers, coffee shops, plus a great view of the Bosphorus in just one little area of Istanbul.

So why Istanbul? Maybe it's the tons of hip boutiques, the side trips for balloon riding in Cappadocia, the young median age, the design-savvy fashions, the boutique hotels that Millenniums are flocking to, or the guided tours to treasure filled mosques, palaces and museums. So, whatever your fancy, come take advantage of what the travelers from the world are noting and that is the amazing city of Istanbul, sitting astride the two continents of Asia and Europe.

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Take in the ancient history of this mecca important cultural trade center, or any other outstanding activities for the whole family.
Make sure to get out on the Bosphorus and see how the natives get around.