Cigar smoking in Athens by Archaeologous

 If you are traveling to Athens and you smoke cigars, you can experience luxury in the most inviting cigar bar in town. Where might that be you ask. Head over to the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Syntagma Square. The sophisticated yet comfortable Alexander's Cigar Lounge is located in the inner garden on the first floor of the hotel. Here your sense of smell with kick in and take you around the world with the captivating aromas you'll be privy to. The warm atmosphere, leather and bamboo motif, and excellent service equals an ideal setting for you to unwind.

Here you can enjoy exceptional spirits and discrete cigar labels. On premises is the cigar expert who will assist you in selecting  the best cigar for your personal taste.  A great place to relax and explore a great selection of Cuban cigars each with unique flavors. The Bretagne is proud of their high level of services including: cutting and lighting of cigars and the explanation of the 'marriage' of the cigars with drinks if you are interested. Come enjoy yourself in this friendly, discreet place with it's leather  colonial elegance.  A truly is a unique place for relaxation.

Note: You may choose from an available variety of blends such as mild, medium, and full bodied cigars. All of which are 'hand made'. Available to taste are mythic vitolas like lonsdales, robustos, gran coronas,  and figurados.

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