10 Top reasons to vacation in Turkey by Archaeologous

Turkey is 'home' of 2 world wonders, all 7 of the Churches of the Apocalypse, Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys, the 4,000 greatest shopping bazaar in the world, award-winning beaches, modern sophistication and so much more. Read the helpful 10 top reasons to vacation in Turkey.


1.Visit the amazing one-of-a-kind 'fairy chimney' natural structures in Cappadocia

2. Stay in a cave hotel and be in awe of the 6 story 'underground' city carved thousands of years ago by early mankind.

3. Shop in Istanbul's 400-year-old Grand Bazaar with it's 4,000 shops

4. Enjoy a ferry boat ride down the Bosphorus waterway in Istanbul, Witness the continent of Asia on one side and the continent of Europe on the other

5. Watch a demo of the flying hands of a carpet artist as they create the famous double knotted Turkish carpets

6. See a whirling dervish show or even a Turkish belly dancing show

7. Visit the largest 'open air' museum in Turkey when you visit the Ephesus Excavation Site near Kusadasi

8. Luxuriate in a traditional age-old Turkish Hamam steam and scrub

9. Delight in the abundance of Turkish cuisine you are served --and of course, to try the delicious Turkish coffee

10. Sail off into the sunset in your own chartered 'gulet' wooden boat to explore the coves and caves along the SW area 

One of the top reasons to visit Turkey- Ephesus
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