Izmir-Historic or Modern-your choice by Archaeologous

If you've traveled to Istanbul and want another exciting, conveniently located city to visit, think Izmir. This favorite cruise ship port, is actually the 2nd largest port after Istanbul and conveniently located amongst many legendary epic ancient cities like Ephesus and Pergamon. There are ample historic excavations dating back to 3,000 BC and museums to keep any student of history enthralled. Bazaars, sea-side cafes, a castle and more make Izmir a favorite with tourists. #Izmir is one-of-the-most fascinating cities for a #TurkeyVacation because of it's interesting past as it being the most advanced culture in western Anatolia along with Troy and it's exciting modern energy of present time.

Notes of interest: First millennium BC Izmir, then known as Smyrna, ranked as one of the most important cities and it's believed Homer resided here. 

Alexander the Great built a new city in the 4th century BC. then the Romans brought it to another great era, then Byzantine rule, followed then Seljuk and finally the Ottoman Empire in 1415. In the last century with battles led by Ataturk, Izmir started to grow again. Presently it is a great exporter of figs, cotton, and silk and is the 3rd largest city in Turkey.