Mykonos Windmills-Cool or What? by Archaeologous

     The 16 operational iconic Mykonos windmills are basically the calling card of Mykonos. When people see photos of Mykonos, the windmills immediately let one know they are looking at Mykonos Greece. You can pretty much see the windmills from most locales and even from a distance you can make them out due to their silhouettes. You can take a walking tour or just roam around the old town of Chora/Mykonos Town and Little Venice as all are conveniently located and here you will see the main concentration of them although there are some located also in and near Alevkantra. 
     You'll be out of luck if you are thinking of seeing the windmills in action, as they are no longer operational. However, they have been carefully tended to and refurbished as a tribute to their rich historic past. It's a perfect place to see the Greek sunset and get some magical photos. Also, you could have a little wine at the 'Little Venice" area.
     During the past hundreds of years, due to the area known for their strong winds  (just like today)  the Chora and Apo Mera windmills were used for an innovating idea of combining and using the power of the wind for grindig the agricultural produce that was then exported out of Mykonos. Now due to their age many of them have been carefully refurbished and  some like the Bonis Windmill has been converted into museums. 
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