Rhodes-Best travel options

The popular tourist destination of #Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese(12) islands chain a little NE of Crete. It's so close to the Turkish border, in one location you  could almost swim to the Anatolian coast of Turkey. It's known for it's 300 days of sunshine, lovely beaches, and mega historical sites both Medieval and ancient. Rhodes is not to be missed whether you add it to an existing trip around Greece, or want to spend an extended vacation only on Rhodes. can assist with your tour itinerary planning.

Find a guide speaking one of 14 languages: It's a favorite European playground vacation destination, so tourists from Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Finland etc. are it's favorite fans. 

Get there easily: Air service from 2 major Greek cities, Athens and Thessaloniki. From Athens to Rhodes will take you approx. 45 minutes. Remember you can also fly from Rhodes to Crete, Santorini and Karpathos. 

Come by Sea -Choose Options: There are ferries that run the 15 hour trip to Rhodes daily fro the Piraeus port (nearest to Athens). So choose this if you want a great slow introduction to the splendid islands you will pass on the way to Rhodes. If you only have a short time, then of course the 45 minute flight would suit your needs better. 

FYI: The capital city shares the name with the island itself. And the airport has 'three' names. So if you hear Rhodes Int'l Airport,  Diagoras Int'l Airport or Paradissi Airport it's all one and the same.  (13km -roughly 8 miles from airport to Rhodes City).

Book Now not later: Since Rhodes 'is' so popular, especially during August, make sure you book as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could be tricky to get accommodations, flights and ferry ticket in August due to high demand

Many clients come to Rhodes by ferry
Come to Rhodes Greece by ferry from Athens 15 hrs
Private guided tours to Lindos , Rhodes by
Ancient Lindos Acropolis in Rhodes Greece
Learn from Archaeologous guide while at Lindos, Rhodes, Greece
Lindos Acropolis pillars at sunset