Evil Eyes of Turkey and Greece-Spell breaker by Archaeologous

Ever heard of the evil eye?... Not to be confused with 'giving' someone the 'evil eye/bad thoughts', but a beautiful little piece of #TurkishGlassArt that is possibly the #1 souvenir of Turkey and also Greece? It is said to 'ward off' the bad energy or thoughts (evil eye) that someone might put on you. So, as a good protection, many people in Turkey, as well as in Greece, put these little charms by the doors, the ground, hang them in windows or wear them as jewelry. 

 Officially it is called Nazar Bonjuk and it's a good luck 'evil eye' charm, created from the age-old superstition that one person can cast a spell on another with bad wishes/thoughts. So for millennia, in the western area of Anatolia Turkey, artisans have created these beautiful blue glass 'eyes' that look right back at the evil doer like they are saying I see you and you won't be able to cast bad thoughts here.

So, have fun shopping at the bazaars in Turkey or the Plaka in Greece, where you'll find the evil eyes come in many sizes, shapes and items. There is no religious significance attached to them and some people wearing them might not even believe in the ancient superstition....but 'just in case' many-many people still wear it. You'll even see them pinned or worn by the babies and children in Turkey and Greece. Now, they are showing up on main stream VIP'S as well. Have fun taking home a much-appreciated souvenir, easy to pack and a spell breaker to boot. 

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Archaeologous in their blog refers to the Turkish glass evil eyes as protection. Gorgeous jewelry with a purpose.
Archaeologous says many VIPs now are wearing Turkish 'evil eye' jewelry to ward off negativity, plus, it looks good.
Archaeologous says that evil eyes can be used as home decoration, in the yard, on clothing, & jewelry to protect against negativity as per Turkish and Greek beliefs