5 Weird Santorini Things by Archaeologous

Yes we all know and have heard and seen Santorini's beauty where you can see themost 'beautiful sunset in the world' from Oia and, of course, look over the Santorini caldera blown into existence 3500 years ago.... but what about wierd things?

Let me take you on a quick journey of the top 5 Santorini weirdest things ... 

1. Kissingfish...... no they don't 'kiss' you however ... look this spa up if you would like a unique one-of-a-kind 'weird' fish pedicure., This 'fish' spa has you put your feet in a tub filled with water and hundreds' of little industrious tiny fish that nibble at your feet..... Along with the laughter, all your dead skin will be taken care of as well and you'll end up with a real memory and smooth feet too. 

2. How about going to Oia and walking down the 300 steps to the little old port of Ammoudi. this is where you can take a small boat to the island of Thirassia.... Now, why is this weird?  Because this little island is in the middle of the caldera and you can experience seeing the smoke fumes coming up from the 'live volcano' that is there.

3. When you arrive by plane to Santorini, it's weird. It looks like a field of pepper sprinkled with salt or powder sugar. You are in fact looking at the black volcanic rock that is Santorini island and the white powder sugar looking little Cycladic villages.

4. Yet another weird thing..... Let's say you go to Kamari... It's more expensive, more touristy, and even busier than Perissa, but you don't run into the thousands of cruise ship tourist pouring into every shop as they do in Fira and Oia. You can even can a untouristy adventure in the down home, laid back  Perissa. 

5. Isn't it weird that during WWII that Hitler referred to Greeks as, " the bravest who fought with the highest disregard of death"?  They fought 3 countries continuously and Greece was the only country which held off the enemies with the most days (219) of resistance. And now they can't show their strength due to politics.

Greek words to help you: Where is the beach? Pou einai to paralia? ---I like Greece. Mou aresi Ellada,---Santorini is beautiful. Santorini enai omorfos

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