Istanbul, It's open, popular and cool

Istanbul has been known by many names and descriptions: Constantinople, 2010's Culture Capital of the World, the city with 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites. That's why you must always put at least these two of the four, Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace, on your 'to do' list for Istanbul.

#Istanbul's popularity is soaring! In 2022, in the first 3 months alone, there were 2.9 millions international vacationers choosing Istanbul.  Everyone is happy, the Turkish people, the hoteliers who have 80-90% occupancy, the vacationers who get to experience the modern yet ancient, hip yet traditional city. "The newly opened Galata Port which is now the renovated/designed Port of Istanbul will be welcoming an additional 42 million cruise ship visitors", says Ersoy, minister of the Transport and Infrasturcture. And the city is ready.

It seems that everybody is hearing about the bargains, low prices for a vacation in Turkey and are flocking to the place with great food, amazing weather, inexpensive shopping, friendly people and is loaded with activities for everyone. 

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Amazing culturally blended Turkish food experience
After Istanbul history, hamams and activities there is the FOOD!
Fun in Istanbul, experience its attractions
Fun, history, safe. Great #IstanbulVacation