How To choose Turkish day tour by Archaeologous

When vacationing in Turkey all of these options are good.  In actuality, it depends on your time table, knowledge, and personal preferences.

Self guided If you have plenty of time and you have your own travel books, then the adventure of “self teaching” and having your own experiences are fine.  You may have some real adventures to talk about later. 

   Archaeologous   guided: If you are on a Mediterranean cruise and only have the one day to do sightseeing in Turkey, then a guided tour is "highly" recommended. By choosing to have a licensed guide, you will be able to get the most out of your shorter time span in Turkey. Unlike drivers,  Turkish guides are allowed into all the venues and have in-depth knowledge . Our guides are “polyglots”, meaning they are versed in multiple languages.  

On a Mediterranean cruise to Turkey, there are two known ways to have guided tours: 

   1.) The cruise ships provide day shore tours for their cruise passengers.  Of course, large buses holding 50 persons or so are used.  It does keep your price a little lower however.  If you want to ask questions, hear the answers, or in general hear anything the guide is saying, unfortunately,  this will prove very difficult unless you are among the 8 people surrounding the guide at all times.  

   2.) An independent tour company that provides you with a “private guided tour” with your group only.  If you seek more autonomy and independence on your tour, there is no question that a privately organized situation would be more desirable.  In this manner, you would be able to dictate the pace of the tour and have a more comprehensive understanding of what you are looking at and discovering.

   Extended vacation:   For assistance in planning your trip (suggested to stay at least 2 weeks due to the diverse history, ruins, beaches, activities, etc.Our parner Legendary Journeys, is a highly recommended licensed agency  assisting our clients with services in Istanbul, Izmir, and Kusadasi for the one day cruise passengers as well as any all inclusive customized vacations for extended periods.

You can even have a private guide just for yourself.