Istanbul--Topkapi Palace in the News says Archaeologous

    For those of you appreciating history and are traveling to Istanbul, the Topkapi Palace/Museum has a newly renovated weapons exhibition. The palace itself, if you have time, is one of the most popular historical monuments in Istanbul. The national treasury of jewels is a sight to behold, plus the magnificent collection of manuscripts of Islamic calligraphy and of course the inner chambers are a real eye opener. The sultans actually lived here for centuries until the construction of the Dolmabahce Palace in the mid 19th century.  Topkapi Palace was brought to the attention of the masses during the 1960's when Melina Mercouri the beloved Greek actress, starred in the film, "Topkapi." For those interested Topkapi was built on the site where the acropolis in ancient Byzantium once stood.

   For the first time it is finally possible to display a large number of antique weapons kept in storage by the museum.  It's interesting, for the whole family, as it is renovated to rely on modern digital technology to provide experts and non experts, with a clear picture of the military customs and technology during the Ottoman period.

Highly recommended to see the interiour of the Topkapi Palace
New 'weapons' museum in the Palace of Topkapi