Istanbul-Art filled Biennial by Archaeologous

If you are vacationing in Istanbul during the fall of 2011 you will be in for a treat by visiting the Biennial, considered among the most exciting cultural events in the world! "More important than the Venetian Biennial", say Glenn Lowry, the director of the New York Modern Art Museum.. 

Fifty artists show their work individually in a setting that is spectacular in a warehouse that is overlooking the famed Bosphorus. If you have the time and inclination right next door is the Istanbul Modern currently featuring Turkish female artists.

If you like to walk and treasure hunt, then the area between Karakoy and Istiklal (which are hubs of renovations and development by art-loving patrons) is a must with gallerys, bookstores, screening rooms and of course bistros with wonderful Mediterranean cuisine.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum