Award Winning Beaches in Turkey plus History galore by Archaeologous

Award Winning Beaches in Turkey Plus History Galore--Article by Archaeologous

Did you know that Turkey has more blue flag beaches, (beaches that are awarded for water quality) than Bahamas, Jamaica and Italy all put together? So if you want a peaceful vacation on a gorgeous beach and get a lot of "bang for your buck, euro or pounds, then Turkey is a choice to think about.

Mix that with about 300 days of gorgeous sunshine and swimming weather and what do you have?.... a vacation location that is fast becoming the #1 destination of vacationers.

Large rises in pre-bookings are taking place... Maybe it's the severe winter cold spells this year or the economic crisis... but it looks like people are heading south for R&R.

If you're from England then you're guaranteed to make your pound go further in Turkey, as the current exchange rate is so poor in the Eurozone.

Aside from Turkey's beautiful coastline, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking scenery and, of course, the 300 days of glorious weather; remember that Turkey has a lot more to offer it's visitors than fun and sun...although to this writer, that sounds pretty good.   

If you do go and only sit on a beach, then get a book to read about the amazing location, richness of history, pivotal trade area, amazing cuisine, friendly sweet people, and legendary ancient cities.

However, after reading I bet you'll end up on at least one day tour to see some of the wonders of Turkey. Take for instance, the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus (in it's heyday, 4 times larger than the Parthenon),  or the largest synagogue outise of Palestine in Sardis, or the Oracle of the Temple of Apollo in Didyma, where Alexander the Great and other kings were given prophesies that changed the course of the world.

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