Interesting Facts about Turkey by Archaeologous

As I love to vacation in the amazing country of Turkey, I follow up on what's happening so I thought I'd share some "modern day" interesting facts you might enjoy.

Presently Turkey is #5 in the world for olive oil production and #4 for the actual number of olive trees, Turkey is targeted to become the 2nd largest producer of olives in the world in the next few years. You see it only takes three years for olive trees to produce a harvest, and due to the number of newly planted trees it's expected that production will more than triple during the next few years.

From $300 million in 2011 to a predicted 100% increase in 2012 and Turkey is on target to reach $5 Billion eleven years from now, 2023, according to the President of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Mehmet Buyukeksi.

Brazil and Turkey--May I have this dance?

Olympics are coming to Brazil in 2014 and 2016 and as such could present tourism and construction opportunities for Turkish businessmen.  How, you say? Both Turkey and Brazil are performing strongly economically, both produce complementary industrial products and have bilateral trade that has increased more than 140 % in 5 years. Actually, during the first eight months of 2011, bilateral trade with Brazil reached the same level achieved for the whole of last year. It's expected that during the next few years bilateral trade volumes will exceed $3 billion annually.

Brazilian President, Dilmer Roussef pointed out while speaking in Turkey at the Turkish Confed. of Businessman and Industrialists, that both Brazil and Turkey  are  in a position to help each other with  significant tourism, construction and energy market opportunities for Turkish businessman. And Brazil would gain a foothold in the central foothold that Turkey has as the, " gateway" to two continents.

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