Day Tour, history of Sirince "pretty village" by Archaeologous

Day Tour and History of Sirince by Archaeologous

Sirince is a charming picturesque village, famous for its fruit wines and handmade crafts. This Turkish village who’s name means “pretty”, is a delight for all day trippers to Turkey.  Most visitors add Sirince onto their day tour after seeing the epic Ephesus Archaeological Site. The drive is lovely and the shady village with its shopping and kind people will be a highlight of your trip to Turkey. The outsides of the houses are Greek in character, however, the insides are of local design with window frames decorated in bird and picture motifs.  Don’t be surprised if you are invited inside for a cup of tea.

The village actually dates back 1,600 years when it’s name was Cirkince, which meant “ugly” and was called this as a decoy to trick people to “Not” come to their beautiful place. There were many reasons for the ancient people to settle here: plenty of water, fertile soil, ideal climate, far from the malaria that was in the Selchuk-Ephesus area and good protection, as it’s in the mountains.  Thousands of local and foreign tourists come to the village every month of the year to sample the delicious locally made apple, cherry, peach, and strawberry wines made in the local homes.  Note:  while admiring and shopping for the hand crafts, you can have a “strolling” lunch of the variety of locals fruits sold at the many fruit stands.